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Now We’re Cooking, with CCCE

Teens in the Tuesday Plus group are “getting their fill” in a new skill area, and having a lot of fun doing it! In February and March, the Campbell County Cooperative Extension Service is sending Melissa Pilcher, Nutrition Program Assistant, to our Program to work with our youth to “help them eat better and to […]

8 Things Teens Need to Know

By Belle Zembrodt, MS, LPCC NKU Honors Program Interim Director 1. College is not the same as high school. There is a lot more freedom in college than high school but with that freedom comes responsibility.  In high school you spend about seven hours a day in class with a teacher telling you what to […]

Families Matter joins forces with Mentoring Plus

by Judge Michael “Mickey” Foellger Our program grows and gets better at its purpose of “guiding kids” by improving our ability to “support families” through our new Parent/Caregiver Support Group. The pilot program, which started last fall, offers two on-site meetings per month during regular youth program hours. Mentoring Plus is most pleased to welcome […]

HYPE Brings Hockey to Mentoring Plus Kids

HYPE Cincinnati (Harnessing Young Professional Energy) made arrangements for a fundraiser for Mentoring Plus at the Cincinnati Cyclones game on Jan 11. A portion of all tickets sold in our designated section came back to Mentoring Plus. We took a group of our kids to the game and they got to play “Big Ball” on […]

Hope through Grace

by Kevin Kennedy I think it is part of our human nature to want to control our destiny. Whether in our own lives or with our children, other family members or friends – we strive to be happy and content and we want that for our loved ones. We feel very strongly in this way for the […]

Voices: Teen Perspectives – Ben’s Story

When Ben* started at Mentoring Plus at the age of 12, he desperately wanted a mentor. Life had been difficult – full of troubled relationships and trauma – so Ben naturally wished and hoped for “someone, anyone, to talk to.” Like any new experience, he was “mellow” about it at first, but eventually became comfortable as […]

One Year Later: Teen Perspectives

ONE YEAR AGO, Masius addressed an audience of over 200 supporters at the annual Seeds of Hope event: “My name is Masius; before I started Mentoring Plus, I lived in Alabama and moved to Cincinnati when I was 15. I felt like, in this place, I had been given up on. Like I didn’t belong […]


The Quiet Rock Stars

Hero. Advocate. Champion. Family. These are the words used by others to describe who our mentors really are. You would never know it walking past them on the street. They are the most unassuming of rock stars, the humblest of superheroes. Say “thank you,” and most of them smile sheepishly, and insist that your gratitude […]

Baseline Normal

by Billy Cole The teenage years are never easy. Even with a supportive family to guide you through the challenges of peer pressure, academic pressure, personal anxieties, and hormonal imbalances…the teenage years aren’t easy. Even when discipline is fair; when criticism is constructive; when the family budget allows for three nutritious meals a day…the teenage […]

Parent Perspectives: Carol & Dan

For parents like Carol and Dan*, Mentoring Plus is like no other program out there, and it’s made a huge difference in their lives. Their adopted daughter Nicole* enrolled in 2010, at age 14; seeking help with behavioral, social, and academic issues. She had tried many other programs, but Mentoring Plus was the only one […]