The Need is Great

And we’re up for the challenge. Current indicators show that the Northern Kentucky community is in urgent need of comprehensive and effective services for its most high-risk youth. These teens face challenges such as mental illness, violence, abuse neglect and severe poverty.

Results That Speak for Themselves

We know that success must always be measured and analyzed to ensure that we are being as effective as possible. We’re humbled by the amazing progress our kids have made!

See Results.

2018 Annual Report: See Your Impact in Your Own Community


of mentors
indicate a better
attitude towards


of parents, mentors, and youth indicate an improvement in grades & test scores


of parents, mentors, and youth indicate better behavior at school


of parents
indicate youth are
getting along better
at home


of parents, mentors, and youth indicate youth can better resist drugs and alcohol

What Makes Us Unique?

We combine:

  • Genuine personal relationships
  • Comprehensive case management services for youth and families
  • Evidenced-based structured programming
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Long-term commitment

We start with relationships based on unconditional love for a reason – it’s the only environment that hope, responsibility, and positive change can survive in for the long term.

No other program gives high-risk youth and families such comprehensive, intensive, long term services for free.