You Can Change a Life

The success of Mentoring Plus in helping teens find hope and purpose didn’t happen by accident. It came about by the commitment of great people. Here are a few ways you can help change a life.

Take a Tour and Find Out More

Behind the Scenes Tours gives participants a close-up view of the Mentoring Plus program in action. Contact us to arrange a tour.

Be a Mentor (Life Coach)

Mentors are the foundation and heart of our program. A mentor is a trusted adult friend with a long-term, consistent commitment to provide guidance and support to a youth.

Time commitment: Just 2-3 hours per week
Training: A mere three hours
Good feeling: Lasts forever

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Not only do volunteers make the program rock, but they play a vital support role in keeping things running smoothly. If you’re not sure what capacity you may be able to fulfill, call Laura Gordan at 859-462-4152. We’re flexible and want this to be a good experience for you as well.

Time commitment: You decide what you are able to do
Training: Depends on your preferred tasks
Good feeling: Lasts forever

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