We Credit Our Success to a Dedicated, Talented Team

Like any successful organization, Mentoring Plus is only as great as the people who are behind the scenes. And, we’re fortunate to have outstanding, dedicated people.

Although Mentoring Plus is young, the administration team and board have over 100 years of experience in the areas of juvenile justice, juvenile mental health and the education systems.

Our History

Beginning with a vision to serve the most needy with top quality care and services, Mentoring Plus was founded in April of 2009 by several lifelong residents of Northern Kentucky. Through careful planning, proven methods and a lot of prayer, we have grown to where we are today.  We remain as committed as ever to establishing local partnerships that serve Northern Kentucky area teens and their families, promoting healing, cultivating personal growth and encouraging healthy and productive community involvement.

Christopher Saunders, MPA
Executive Director

Robin Anderson, BA Ed
Program Director

Lisa Esterkamp
Case Manager

Laura Gordon
Volunteer Coordinator

John Riesenberg
Supported Employment Specialist

Katlynn Stacy
Case Manager

Board Members

Lynne Cole
William LJ Cole
Judge Michael Foellger
James Frondorf
David Hosea
Beth Hummeldorf
Brenda Kennedy, MA Ed
Jack Moreland

Life Coaches

Dave Renke
Tim Boyle
Chuck Weidner
Hillary Fraley
Carl Gillman
Laura Schafer
Maggie Smeltzer
Kelsey Felts
Jim Wolfe
Amanda Watts
Annah Broad
John Zurborg
Mallory Stone
Raven Jackson
Shane Deeds
Dave Bugg
Peta Niehaus
Nick Dew
Aaryn Faulkner
Megan Handley
Nichole Mix
Patrick Haughey
Tim Hurst
Jillian Jaworek
Don Niehaus
Sarah Singleton


Danny Kennedy
Sandy Tabeling
Tony Aloise
Dick Maile
Kathy Simmons
Sandy Blanchet
Janice Foster
Lynne Able
Stephanie Able
Jen Davis
Jennifer Larison
Chris Albaugh
Michael Meyer
Steven Harrison
Kyle Gibson
Seth Egger
Gray Reiselman
Jerry Searp
Joe Hamilton
Aquarius Young
Tom Frye
Christy & Levi Daly
Susie Jang & Family
Matt Frommeyer
Linda Crumpacker
Suzanne Lorenz
Jacquelyn Birkley
Brook “Cody” Ferrell
Megan Handley
Suzie An
Debbie Franzen
Hannah Ford
Ashley Holmes