The Quiet Rock Stars

Hero. Advocate. Champion. Family.

These are the words used by others to describe who our mentors really are. You would never know it walking past them on the street. They are the most unassuming of rock stars, the humblest of superheroes. Say “thank you,” and most of them smile sheepishly, and insist that your gratitude is unnecessary. They are humbly embarassed by our acknowledgements, and yet, it is that very same modesty that demands such recognition in the first place.

They turn up every single week, after long days at work, and continue to give their time and love to our teens. And after years and months of hard work, hours upon hours of patience, they want no recognition for it. They mentor because it is the most natural thing in the world to them – to give, to love, to fulfill a need – and they require no thanks in return. 

Since we know they won’t take credit for any of it, we can only hope they know what a difference they have made in the lives and futures of so many young people. So, perhaps in vain, we extend our thanks to our mentors, who continue to dedicate themselves with such constancy and humility to the kids who need them the most.