Parent Perspectives: Carol & Dan

For parents like Carol and Dan*, Mentoring Plus is like no other program out there, and it’s made a huge difference in their lives. Their adopted daughter Nicole* enrolled in 2010, at age 14; seeking help with behavioral, social, and academic issues. She had tried many other programs, but Mentoring Plus was the only one she really responded to. Her parents say that being around other teens in similar situations helped her realize she’s not alone. And she appreciates that we’re “not preaching at her, but working with her.”

Carol and Dan found support at Mentoring Plus that they weren’t able to get anywhere else: “Knowing that somebody cares outside of our household makes a world of difference.” They found that other agencies just didn’t listen, and that Mentoring Plus staff members were the only ones able “to see every facet of the situation… the only ones who want to try new things.”

Carol says she would absolutely recommend Mentoring Plus to other parents: “It encompasses so many areas, like school, relationships, family interactions, spirituality (when most places don’t want to talk about spirituality). The focus is on the entire makeup of a human being, not just one aspect like a learning issue. Mentoring Plus sees Nicole as a whole person, not a list of problems.” 

Supporting families is a key part of the program, and Carol has seen change within her whole family. This summer, Nicole is headed to camp for the first time ever, thanks to program funding and the efforts of her case manager. Carol knows that she’ll have a chance to be a teenager – something they could not have afforded to do without help. Summer camp isn’t the only new thing for Nicole this year. She recently transitioned to the Wednesday group for older teens. She’ll learn independent living skills, prepare to find a job, and determine her academic path after high school, all while continuing to receive program support.

*names have been changed to protect privacy