Now We’re Cooking, with CCCE

Teens in the Tuesday Plus group are “getting their fill” in a new skill area, and having a lot of fun doing it! In February and March, the Campbell County Cooperative Extension Service is sending Melissa Pilcher, Nutrition Program Assistant, to our Program to work with our youth to “help them eat better and to stretch their food dollar.” Ms. Pilcher teaches a series of free nutrition classes throughout Newport, Bellevue and Dayton. The lessons are materials from UK following My Plate, which is the USDA’s guide for a healthy lifestyle. Ms. Pilcher enjoys gardening and teaching people how to use items such as chard, kale and zucchini.

While delivering the basic lessons on meal planning, reading food labels and knowing the recommended limits on fat and sodium, Ms. Pilcher incorporates cooking recipes using food that is in season and lets them eat what they prepare. These skills are essential to teens in our Tuesday Plus group, as they prepare to live successfully on their own.

If you know of a church or Program in Campbell County that would benefit from these free classes, please contact Melissa Pilcher at:

Melissa Pilcher
University of Kentucky
Campbell County Nutrition Program Assistant

Phone: 859 586-6101 ext 405