June 2019 Youth Spotlight: Amy Yeager

Story by Lisa Esterkamp,
M+ Case Manager

Amy is one of our youth who has been active in Mentoring Plus program for years and has accomplished so many things throughout her journey with us. Along working beside staff at Mentoring Plus, her Life Coach and many others such as her family and friends; Amy has been able to blossom into the bright and caring young lady that she is today. That lady is smart, brave, courageous and very talented. She loves soccer and has accomplished much throughout the years of working with our program.

Among her accomplishments is that she has successfully finished high school, this past school year 2018-2019. Graduating high school is a huge accomplishment for any youth, but not only has she graduated but she did it with all A’s. It takes someone who is truly dedicated to make change in their life and do the best they possibly can. She has demonstrated dedication and a can-do attitude each week in program at Mentoring Plus, and we are very proud of her.

I have not had the pleasure of knowing Amy very long, but through stories and the eyes of my coworkers I have been told of the kindness in Amy. One colleague shared with me that Amy has loved to play soccer throughout high school and is very good at it. Looks like this youth is finding things that she is passionate about while spending time doing useful things and building skills for her future. We would like to recognize Amy for her hard work, effort, and dedication to doing well in school, doing homework when she needed to get it done, and perseverance to finish her high school career with such beauty and grace. To graduate with all A’s is a huge accomplishment, and Amy has set the bar high. As a case manager at Mentoring Plus, I am very proud of Amy. This is an accomplishment, beyond words, one that shows dedication, hard work, and a true drive to overcoming many barriers, challenges and obstacles. Amy did not let challenges stand in her way of finishing a goal she set out to accomplish, and she mastered it. Amy is someone the youth within the Mentoring program can now look upon and see first hand what hard work and decimation can do.

Great Job Amy… You did it!!!!

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