Reaching New Milestones

There are so many good things happening at Mentoring Plus this month, we couldn’t stop with just one youth highlight. All three of these students have had impressive summers, and are ready to get back to school. One was hired for his first job. One celebrated the one-year anniversary at his job. And one has made a great first impression as a new youth in the program.


Youth Ricardo G.

Ricardo is a bright young man who has been through so much in his young life. Ricardo spends much of his time with his younger sister when he is not participating in our Mentoring Plus program. He is a great role model for his younger sister. Ricardo has demonstrated a true sense of what we here at M+ like to focus on, caring for others and building them up through support and compassion. Ricardo has spent his summer staying involved in our program here at Mentoring Plus and was recently hired for his first job. We are so proud of this youth and all he is working toward. Ricardo has already set a goal for what he would like to do with his first earnings and is demonstrating the understanding of budgeting his earnings.

Good luck in your first job, we are proud of you!

Youth Damion J.

We are so proud to announce that through much hard work and persistence, Damion will be entering the 12th grade of high school this month. He is a true example of dedication, pushing forward through tough circumstances, and he’s a mirror of what hard work can look like despite facing barriers in one’s life. Damion is a bright, talented, and kind young man who successfully kept a job for over 1 year and is currently waiting on a much-earned raise. Keeping on a straight path and working through difficult situations as they arise are all things that Damion is continuing to do.

We look forward to you completing your 12th grade year in high school, and continuing growing into the positive, kind-hearted young man that you have demonstrated to all your fellow peers within the M+ program.

Youth Haley B.

Haley is one of the new youth who has started our program. She recently finished our beginner night and will soon be moving into our main program night with her newly acquainted life coach. We are so happy to have her as a part of our program, and have already seen much growth from her in a short amount of time. She is currently learning new ways and techniques to build peer relationships, and communication with others in a positive and healthy manner. She has demonstrated dedication in our program, showing up each week and continuing to build positive relationships with fellow students. When faced with a tough situation or hardships in her life, she has demonstrated resilience. Haley continues to break out of her shell each week and show how sweet and caring she truly is towards all the youth and staff in the M+ program.

We are very happy of you Haley! Keep pushing forward each week in program.