Volunteer NKY: Growing Grassroots Movement

Volunteer NKY Encourages a Culture of Volunteerism

Volunteer NKY is a movement to encourage social service volunteerism in Northern Kentucky.  People helping people is their tagline.

This movement started in 2015 when the Life Solutions Network hosted its first volunteer fair at the Life Learning Center.  It was a small event that prompted bigger thinking.

The Planning Team developed the following Vision:

  • We build a more vibrant and engaged NKY by easily connecting people of all ages and all walks of life with opportunities to serve.
  • We are all in it together, everyone makes the world a better place in their own unique way.
  • People volunteer to their purpose, passion and potential.

In 2016, a Facebook page was started, two Volunteer Vision workshops were held, a Best Practices tool for volunteer leaders was developed and another volunteer fair was hosted.

Volunteer NKY is in its 3rd year and is making progress; even bigger plans have been made.  They will:

  • Host 3 volunteer fairs at various locations.
  • Develop a process to link skilled volunteers and service learners to needs.
  • Create a Speaker’s Bureau.
  • Host a “retreat” for volunteer leaders to include networking and best practices learning.
  • Continue to rollout the Volunteer Vision process and Best Practices tool.

The regional team is influencing volunteerism strategically and systemically, complementing the work of local organizations that need volunteers.

Tony Aloise, Life Solutions Network

The movement is driven by volunteers and volunteer professional from across the region.  Partners include Mentoring Plus, Brighton Center, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Women’s Crisis Center, Welcome House and the Life Learning Center.

The Life Solutions Network continues to provide sponsorship and leadership.   This is a volunteer-driven network for volunteers and social service professionals who choose to serve our community by building the capability of people in need.  It was founded by Tony Aloise, a Procter & Gamble retiree who developed a passion for “life skills and volunteer solutions”.

You can learn more about the Life Solutions Network or Volunteer NKY by following the embedded links.