Longtime Program Director Says Goodbye

It is with great sadness we announce that long-time volunteer and program director, Robin Anderson, has moved on from Mentoring Plus. After working with this organization for nearly ten years, Robin is pursuing other interests.

What started as a volunteer gig to work with local youth, quickly turned into a passion and eventually a career. Her experience as an educator gave her the background to connect with the teens, guide them through our curriculum, and steer the program to ever-greater heights.

Robin is the kind of person that will go to the state capital to meet with legislators, fighting for not-for-profits like M+. Then she’ll come back to Newport, and disinfect the entire building to make sure it’s safe for our students. She’ll help to plan and organize a fundraiser. Then she’ll be the first one to show up at that event and the last one to leave. M+ has been more than just a job for her, it’s been a passion. You can see that, not just because of the love she’s shown us, but because of the love and connection that the kids have with her. She’s sometimes been the last and only person that our kids will trust. And she has stepped up to be the person they needed every time.

Kevin Kennedy, the founder of M+ and the person who hired Robin, has this to say:

“Robin came to M+ in the early years as a very enthusiastic volunteer.  Her exceptional talents were soon recognized and she was offered a staff position. Robin demonstrated a passion for the M+ mission and the teens she served. Her fiery commitment to the less fortunate was unwavering. As Robin continued to grow and thrive in her work, it was obvious to everyone she was a leader and hence became our first program director. As program director she exceeded all expectations and was responsible for much of the agency’s progress. In looking back over the years, I clearly saw God’s hand in our work, and Robin was a wonderful example of His Grace impacting the lives of our kids. I extend to Robin a heartfelt thanks and  a deep sense of gratitude for her many years of hard work, passion & commitment & wish her God’s Peace as she walks her path.”

Thank you, Robin. We’ve been so blessed to have you!