Welcoming Amy Sammons

Amy Sammons has been hired as the second person to ever serve as program director at Mentoring Plus. We are so excited to have someone with her experience and expertise join our organization!

Amy has over 25 years of experience as a social & emotional behavioral interventionist/strategist, and recently retired as a coordinator from Boone County Schools. She’s worked to address crisis situations with youth and families as a member of the school trauma team, which is a critical practice for this organization. Her ability to plan and implement programs within our program strategy will help M+ to mature and expand our services. And Amy’s relationships and history of collaboration will offer M+ with new opportunities to expand our recruiting efforts, providing greater services for even more families.

The previous program director, Robin Anderson, has left some big shoes to fill. After serving M+ for nearly ten years, Robin made a huge impact on the organization and the lives of the teens we serve.

Now, as we enter this transition with Amy, we’ll look to pick up where Robin left off. Amy has said time and time again, “I really believe in what we’re doing here.” She’s recently told the board chair that she thinks the organization is on the verge of a big breakthrough.

Thanks to people like Robin and Kevin Kennedy, who founded M+, who have laid the foundations for a strong and stable organization, Amy can help to take us to the next level. Welcome to the team, Amy!