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Three Graduates in 2020

Class of 2020, we salute you!

The world is facing a crisis that will be written about in history books. Our lives have been disrupted, and a cloud of uncertainty looms over us all. While we are all in this together, I couldn’t help but think about my students at Mentoring Plus in Newport Kentucky, I miss them.

To the senior class of 2020, we want you to know we applaud you all for your hard work. Even in such unprecedented times, we are proud to announce that three M+ youth will be graduating from high school this year. It warms our hearts that we’ve have been able to work with these three youth, and track their growth over the years while they were successful in overcoming some big challenges. We enjoy the process of seeing students learn, mature, and blossom and reach this point of success.

Caitlin Thomes

Caitlin has been participating and working with Mentoring Plus for more than 2 years. Caitlin has diligently worked aside mentoring plus staff, case manager (Lisa E.), life coach (Barb), as well as with her grandparents to assist her in overcoming extreme barriers, develop skills and work toward independency of getting and keeping a job, and applying and moving into her first apartment. This youth has come a long way and continues to set new goals for herself. After much hard work, long hours of studying, doing homework and maintaining passing grades Caitlin will receive her high school diploma from Holy Cross Highschool this year, being part of the 2020 graduating class. Through hard work beside her case manager (Lisa E.), life coach (Barb) and the support of her grandparents, this youth has overcome obstacles. Caitlin is a youth who was successful starting with the tradition program at mentoring plus while making and reaching goals, getting a job, and earning passing grades to transitioning into our young adult program and learning how to get and maintain an apartment, budgeting and continuing in higher education plans. Best of luck to you Caitlin, we are proud of you, and hope you continue in all your success. As part of the 2020 class, your class will not only make history, but you will go down in Mentoring Plus history as someone who despite barriers and challenges have been able to rise to the top and continue in a journey of success. CONGRATULATIONS!

Damion Jones

Damion, better known as DJ, has been attending Mentoring Plus programming for 2 ½ years, and has overcome many challenges. DJ and his mother have expressed how being part of the Mentoring Plus program has provided DJ with encouragement and has lifted him up from being in low emotions states at times. His mother states that DJ has received the supports he needed, to help him blossom over the years. DJ will receive his high school diploma from Ryle High School for 2020. He is a bright young man who looks to have a promising future in front of him with hopes and ambitions to learn and work within the plumbing industry. Along with working with staff and his mentor (Nick) DJ has defiantly shown dedication, hard work and much resilience throughout his high school years. He was able to maintain and keep a job for over a year, while maintaining grades, continuing to engage in program at Mentoring Plus and developing a close friendship with his life coach. Through his senior year, DJ has worked toward this goal and several other goals both he and his case manager have set, through dedication, hard work and working closely with his mother (Kristy), case manager (Lisa E.), his life coach (Nick), and his school. He has been able to ride along with people whom currently work within the plumbing industry and has been able to ask questions directly to people working in this field to get some of the best answers and real-life experiences. DJ is excited about learning more about the industry and was set to continue on his ride along when the COVID 19 swept up all by surprise. While preparing to finish his high school career successfully DJ has continued to demonstrate hard work in maintaining his grades, and getting work completed for school. DJ has not allowed for challenges and barriers in front of him due to COVID 19 to stop him from achieving his goals. Best of luck to you DJ, we are proud of you, and hope you continue in all your success. As part of the 2020 class, your class will not only make history, but you will go down in Mentoring Plus history as being known to be a friend to all, demonstrating kindness towards others, demonstrating a kind and good heart, as well as someone who looks for the positive in others, all while facing your journey that lies ahead. CONGRATULATIONS!

Miranda Baldwin

Miranda Baldwin graduated from Highlands High School on May 23, 2020. She has applied to Gateway College and is preparing for her entrance testing. She would like to study nursing.