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Dorothy Sets New Goals

Dorothy, who is pictured in orange in the picture above, has been in our program for some time now and has continued to grow and continues to demonstrate her kind, energetic, charismatic and spirited personality each week. We are so proud to announce that through much hard work, and dedication, she will be entering the 12th grade of high school next year should she continue to maintain and sustain passing grades and excel in her assignments. Currently she’s in 11th grade and planning for goals after life of high school. Dorothy has shown new levels of dedication in school by getting her grades up and earning passing grades. as she looks forward to graduating high school. She spends much of her time with her nieces and nephews, with whom she shares an apartment. We are proud of this youth and everything she is working towards. By working with a case manager and life coach at Mentoring Plus, Dorothy has started to set realistic goals for herself now and for the future. Dorothy has stated that she would like to get a job and move to an apartment on her own one day after she finishes school. We are so proud of this youth and all she is working towards, and aspiring to be. Keep up the work and continue spreading kindness to all those around you, Dorothy!