Wesley’s Story

This is a real-life testimony between one of our Youth participants (Wesley) and their Life Coach (Brandon) and their “why’s” for choosing the Mentoring Plus program. Our youth stated he joined Mentoring Plus due to a court mandate. He may have originally come to program because he was required, but now when asked, he states his favorite part of coming to program is participating in recreational basketball and having the ability to communicate on a personal level with his assigned life coach. Brandon said his reason for originally becoming a Life Coach was to be able to help others. After being paired with Wesley, he now states his favorite part of life coaching has been the life lessons he has learned along with Wesley being an open-minded and intelligent individual. Collectively the pair was surprised at how easy coming into the program was along with how many resources were provided through Mentoring Plus. They both have the same goal for Wesley, overall, of completing the program with a good standing and learning how to be successful in life – and with the path they are currently on this goal will be far exceeded.