Becky’s Story

Here is another testimony from one of our Youth participants (Becky) and her experience with her Life Coach (Amanda) and within the Mentoring Plus program. Becky originally wanted to attend program in order to socialize with other participants. Since joining, her favorite part has been growing as a family and being connected with others. She especially enjoys her relationship with her Life Coach and states, “she knows me inside and out, personally and professionally.” On the other end, Amanda told us her original reason for becoming a Life Coach was in order to help others. This is what she had to say about what she’s enjoyed most about being a Life Coach: “I have greatly enjoyed the changes I have seen in my mentee and how she has grown as a person, as well as how I have personally grown. I am inspired by Becky’s willingness to become a better person and how much she has come out of her own shell since working with her.” This pair both say they were most surprised at how easily they bonded and how fast time has gone since their first encounter.